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Banana Boats

Banana Boats : A banana boat, often referred to simply as a banana, is an unpowered recreational boat designed to be pulled by a larger boat. Riders sit astride a large tube which is supported by two smaller tubes which provide balance and footrests, allowing them to experience some of the thrill of moving fast and close to the water much more easily and safely than by water-skiing or surfing and they are therefore a popular ride for children. Many large motor yachts or luxury yachts have a banana as one of their onboard "toys", but any powered boat can pull a banana, and they are sometimes available as a commercial ride at holiday resorts. Most models seat between three and ten people. Double models with two seating tubes side by side are available. Banana boats are often yellow and are sometimes actually moulded into the shape of a banana.

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GIB-5 GIB-3 is water sled, and also was called banana boat which consists of side stablizing pontoons and large main tube. There are several types for you to choose from, which are able to meet different people' needs.

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GIB-4 GIB-5,Banana Boats ..


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GIB-3 With the GIB-4 Commercial In-Line Banana Boat for 3-8 People, you can tow your entire family and some friends. This boat is carefully hand-crafted using reinforced 1100 denier, UV resistant PVC material, which is a dense puncture-resistant material, commonly used in the manufacture of high-quality white water boats. Each boat is handmade using glue bonded overlapping seams and is double-reinforced in the high stress, hard use areas. For convenience and ease, this boat comes as a complete set.


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GIB-2 For a fun afternoon at the lake, the Recreational Banana Boat for 3-8 People is built with 1,000-denier PVC-reinforced materials. Each boat is handmade using glue-bonded overlapping seams, making them perfect for active families. This boat comes as a complete set, is "ready to use" and includes stainless steel pull rings, front tow harness with steel toggle, carry storage bag, foot pump, repair kit, and operation instructions.


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GIB-1 With popular design,best stability and light weight,our Inflatable Banana Boats are easy to inflate and deflate,so they are extensively applied in parks,sea shore,lakes for recreation,leisure etc.