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Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable Kayaks : inflatable canoes, and inflatable kayak accessories are becoming more popular these days because of their light weight, ease of transportation and lower cost.. There are many different types of inflatable kayaks and inflatable canoes including tunnel hull kayaks.

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GIK-3 Sea and whitewater kayaks with sleek lines, elegant shapes and a wide variety of uses.

For greater back support, our Pro Kayak package features one Tall Back Seats, and bow and stern storage bags for longer trips.


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GIK-2 Designed for extended wilderness exploration, this model is perfect for camping, river running for two people and lots of gear.


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GIK-1 Inflatable Kayaks feature an aggressive deep V entry hull for easy paddling and greater speed. The hull flares out to a wider beam wtih two additional lateral keeps for stability and superior tracking.