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River Boats

River Boats : Inflatable river boat is a very enjoyable thing to do. Whether you like shooting down a set of rapids or simply lazily floating down your favorite river, a inflatable boat is a great way to do it. Traditional boats can be quite expensive and really cumbersome. Getting a fiberglass boat from here to there can be quite a spectacle. An alternative to a fiberglass boat is a quality inflatable boat.

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GIR-3 Whether you're fishing or paddling through the rapids, the GIR-3 is capable of meeting the challenge. The narrow beam allows these rafts to descend smaller rivers and creeks than our more conventional sized rafts.


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GIR-2 GIR-2 rafts are constructed using a two-layer system, a PVC outer skin and internal urethane bladders for superior air retention, abrasion resistance and durability.


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GIR-1 The popular GIR-1 Series was redesigned to incorporate the long continuous side panel with a curve on each end